immuno-5™ cat

immuno-5™ cat is a powder recommended by your veterinarian to support your cat’s respiratory and immune system health.

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Q: How long after giving immuno-5™ should I notice an effect?
A: Cats with any upper respiratory health concern should use immuno-5™ on a regular, long-term basis to promote optimal health and prevent future problems. While many cats will see results within 5 weeks, more severe problems may require up to 3 months of regular usage to achieve desired benefits.


Q: How is this product different from over-the-counter products?
A: Most over-the-counter products only use lysine as their active ingredient. immuno-5™ not only incorporates lysine, but provides EPA & DHA to support a healthy inflammatory response and Organic Egg Yolk Powder (source of immunoglobulin Y) to enhance immune system function. 


Q: When should I give immuno-5™ to my cat:
A: immuno-5™ should be sprinkled on your cat’s food 1-2x per day, based on the dosing provided on the label or on your veterinarian’s recommendation.


Q: Are there any contraindications or supplements/medication that should be avoided when giving immuno-5™ to my cat?
A: There are no known interactions when giving this supplement.


Q: How should immuno-5™ be stored?
A: immuno-5™ should be stored at room temperature.


Q: My shipment of immuno-5™ arrived hot. Is that ok?
A: Yes, this is completely fine and there is no need to seek a replacement.