Hepato TruBenefits®

Hepato TruBenefits is your veterinarian’s recommendation to support the normal metabolic functioning of your cat’s liver. It is easily administered with food.

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Q: Can Hepato TruBenefits be given with food?
A: Hepato TruBenefits should be administered with food to maximize absorption. If the pet is currently anorexic, giving with small amount of peanut butter or cream cheese (if diet allows) will be enough to help with absorption.


Q: Can the capsules be punctured or cut?
A: There is no contraindication in puncturing or cutting the capsule.  VRS recommends ensuring the entire contents are expressed and mixed into the food or other treats.  Ideally, the contents should be consumed within two hours of opening the capsule.  Please dispose of any remaining capsule once it is pierced.


Q: How should Hepato TruBenefits be stored? Can it be refrigerated?
A: Store in a cool, dark place. Refrigeration is not  necessary.


Q: How long does Hepato TruBenefits take to start working?
A: Some patients experience improvement in clinical signs within the first week of taking HTB. Liver enzyme elevations begin resolving within the first 4 weeks and usually return to normal or near normal by 8 weeks. If blood values are not improving by 8 weeks, the recommending veterinarian may recommend and ultrasound, liver aspirate or biopsy, or other diagnostic tests.


Q: Can the dose be split up throughout the day?
A: The dose can be divided but it is recommended that the full dose be administered once per day.