In the Community

At Veterinarian Recommended Solutions, we believe in giving back. We know that not all animals are fortunate enough to have caring, loving families. That’s why we’re committed to doing our part in helping out whenever we can. Here are some of the ways we are helping to improve the lives of pets in the community.

Veterinarian Recommended Solutions Donates Transparent Nutrition to Victims of Hurricane Irma

VRS is committed to our veterinary community and our pet owners. In response to the recent hurricane in Florida, we donated more than 14,000 lbs of Transparent Nutrition® Pet Food to SPCA Tampa Bay and Humane Society of Broward County. We appreciate the important work these two incredible organizations are doing to care for animals without homes of their own. Please reach out to them directly if you would like to help in any way.

Support for Maverick: 4-legged victim of  Hurricane Harvey 

One of our partners reached out to us and shared a story about Houston friends who lost their home and one of their dogs in Hurricane Harvey. The husband was able to evacuate his wife and three sons, and then went back for his dogs. His canoe capsized, but Maverick the Labrador came to the rescue and saved his life. Veterinarian Recommended Solutions is donating a 1-year supply of Transparent Nutrition to Maverick in hopes of easing the burden of taking care of Maverick while they get on their feet. We are also planning to send Transparent Nutrition to other organizations in Texas and Florida who have suffered from the hurricanes. We will keep you posted on our efforts.

providence animal center

Improving Everyday Care for Pets in Delco: Monthly Donations to Animals Who Need it Most

We provide a monthly donation to the Providence Animal Center, formerly known as the Delaware County SPCA. The donation goes toward the care of the animals in the shelter, and thereafter, when the animals are sent to their new forever home with a bottle of our nutrition-based omega-3 product.

We are proud to partner with this organization and support its mission to “work to end companion animal homelessness and suffering through adoption, cruelty investigations, community programs and affordable medical and behavioral services.”

Visit the Providence Animal Center online at:

Street Tails Animal Rescue

Transforming the Health of Homeless Animals: Veterinarian Recommended Solutions partners with Street Tails Animal Rescue in Philadelphia

Have you ever considered what becomes of animals that have no home and may need extensive medical attention? Or does the thought of their fate break your heart too much to consider?

Street Tails Animal Rescue prides itself on taking in homeless animals that are often overlooked. Homeless animals usually need extensive medical attention, so they may be thought of as unadoptable or not worth the effort. Street Tails Animal Rescue’s mission is to help homeless and unwanted animals within the local Philadelphia area, by helping them receive proper medical attention, educating the public on the importance of spaying and neutering, and by placing these animals in suitable, compatible and loving homes.

In support of the mission of Philadelphia’s Street Tails Animal Rescue, we have partnered with the organization to donate a regular monthly supply of Canine Omega Benefits®. Through these donations animals that may not have survived can now thrive.

Together, we are taking the initiative to change the lives of animals that are most in need.  Visit Street Tails online at:

Foxy VRN

Expert Care Heals All: Life-Saving Surgery from a Leading Animal Surgeon

Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Steve Mehler, performed emergency orthopedic surgery on a stray dog that was rescued by Street Tails Animal Rescue. This pro-bono surgery was made possible with the financial support of Dr. Mehler and Veterinarian Recommended Solutions.

Now, Foxy is on the road to recovery!