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Our veterinary technicians are trained on the clinical science behind products. Each one goes through a rigorous educational program taught by our staff Veterinarians. They are an extension of your veterinarian’s practice, available to answer any questions you may have regarding our products and their recommendation. Our customer care representatives are here to assist you with any non-medical questions.

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training clinical science veterinary techs

Katelyn Farally

Katelyn Farally is a certified veterinary technician who received her degree in Veterinary Technology from Harcum College. She has worked in ER/ICU veterinary medicine at specialty hospitals in and around the Philadelphia area for most of her career. Katelyn tutored students for the veterinary technician program at Harcum after her graduation for 5+ years. Education and training veterinary students/professionals have been a passion for Katelyn and from that, she was able to develop and run a successful nursing assistant program at a large specialty hospital. This program is still helping give strong nursing foundations and experience to veterinary technician students, preparing them for their future careers. This experience and passion have translated very well into her role here with VRS, as Health Coach our role is to educate pet owners in a way that is easy to understand, and giving them the knowledge to know what they are doing and why it is beneficial to their pet. Knowledge truly is power and having that ability to educate so many pet owners to make better decisions for their pets health long term is what it is all about. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” Ben Franklin

training clinical science veterinary technicians

Jennifer Gurski

Jennifer attended Manor College Veterinary Technology program where she received her Associate in Science Degree in 1998. After graduation, Jennifer accepted a position as a Veterinary Technician at a feline-only practice in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia. Jennifer served the feline community for almost 18 years before joining the VRS team as a Health Coach. Jennifer’s passion for education pushed her to make the move to the VRS team. She feels she is really making a difference in educating pet parents about our products and helping them make the best decision possible for their pets.

training clinical science veterinary techs

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey’s long life passion for animals led her to Delaware Valley College where she studied Wildlife Biology. During school she interned at a wildlife rehabilitation center and Hammocks Beach State Park where she studied shorebirds. After graduating in 2011, Kelsey went on to become a veterinary technician at a general practice hospital where she worked for 5 years. She joined the VRS team because she loves educating pet owners and helping pets from the inside out!

training clinical science veterinary technicians

Erica Stewart

Erica has always had a deep love for all animals. She attended Manor College and has over 15 years of small animal practice experience working as a Veterinary Technician and Hospital Manager. Her experience working closely with pets and their owners only strengthened her understanding of the bond we have with our pets. She continues to be passionate about animal health and educating pet owners.

training clinical science veterinary technicians

Chelsea Ferris

Chelsea Ferris received her Bachelor’s Degree in Small Animal Science from Delaware Valley College in 2011. Before she started working for Veterinarian Recommended Solutions she worked as a veterinary technician in emergency medicine with a focus on oncology.

training clinical science veterinary technicians

Bernadette Rogers

Bernadette received her Associates in Veterinary Technology from Manor College in 2016, and Veterinary Technician Certification in 2017. Soon after, she began working at a specialty and emergency center, where she was a Veterinary Ophthalmology Nurse. She has always had a passion for advocating for animals and educating pet owners and started as a Pet Health Coach to continue that passion. She lives in Hatboro with her family, including a corgi mix named Bella, and two cats, Ari and Mathilde.

training clinical science veterinary technicians

Kirsten Schnappauf

Kirsten Schnappauf received her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Education from Saint Joseph’s University in 2015 and 2016. Shortly after graduating, she realized that she wanted to start a career where she was able to help animals. She began her experience at the Basking Ridge Animal Hospital in New Jersey where she discovered her love of working with animals and pet owners. Kirsten then went on to further her experience at a human-grade pet food and supplement company. Here she was able to utilize her previous teaching experience to help educate pet owners on the different dietary options suited for individual pets.

Kirsten started working as a Pet Health Coach to help educate pet owners so that they understand the impact that supplements can have on their pets’ ability to live healthy and happy lives.

training clinical science veterinary techs

Rose Federico

Rose graduated with a BA in Anthropology concentrating in Archaeology. She has worked as an archaeologist in several countries and has been published in academic journals. Rose’s love for animals brought her to animal rescue where she and her husband hospice older dogs. This passion to help animals and their owners, brought Rose to VRS. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her growing family and crafting.

training clinical science veterinary techs

Hayley Pullen

Hayley graduated from Delaware Valley College in 2014 where she received a Bachelor’s in Large Animal Science with a focus in Equine Science and Management. Since that time, Hayley has also enjoyed helping smaller animals by working in Customer Service and as a Veterinary Assistant at a large veterinary hospital. When she is not at work, Hayley spends time with her husband on their small farm with a menagerie of different animals including horses, goats, ducks, and more. She also loves hanging out with her two dogs, Watson and Sherlock, and two cats Molly and Irene.

Hayley loves being able to help a wide range of pets and their parents through VRS, and has been a Customer Service Representative since January of 2020.

training clinical science veterinary techs

Harriet Kalaminsky

Harriet joined the Customer Service team with over 20 years of customer service experience. Harriet is passionate about connecting with a diverse group of people where she can build long lasting relationships while helping them overcome problems and challenges. Harriet is a pet lover and has owned dogs most of her life. Harriet shares her love of animals with the rest of the VRS staff and is excited to be making a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of animals. Harriet received a degree in Math Education from Temple University and enjoys completing DIY projects in her free time.