Cardio TruBenefits Cat

Cardio TruBenefits Catis an all-natural, palatable powder your veterinarian recommends to support your cat’s long-term heart health.

Long-Term Use is Key: Cardio TruBenefits Catshould be given daily, long-term, since heart health is essential to your cat’s well-being and quality of life. This product is designed to help support healthy feline cardiovascular function, which is especially important for cats with underlying suboptimal cardiovascular function and those predisposed to cardiovascular stress.

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Q: At what age can I start my cat on Cardio TruBenefits Cat™?

A: We recommend Cardio TruBenefits Cat™ for ages six months and older.


Q: Is this product hypoallergenic?

A: This product is not hypoallergenic.


Q: Are there any food, supplements, or medications that should be avoided with giving Cardio TruBenefits Cat™ ?

A: There are no known interactions when giving this supplement.


Q: Where is the product manufactured?

A: Cardio TruBenefits™ is manufactured in the United States.


Q: How do I need to store Cardio TruBenefits Cat™?

A: This product should be stored at room temperature.


Q: What is the shelf life of Cardio TruBenefits Cat™?   

A: An unopened bottle can be stored for two years from the date of manufacture. An opened bottle should be used within six months.


Q: Is the product low in sodium?

A: Yes, it is considered sodium restricted.


Q: My shipment of unopened Cardio TruBenefits Cat™ arrived hot. Is that okay?

A: Yes, it is ok if your product arrives hot. You do not need to seek a replacement.


Q: How often should Cardio TruBenefits Cat™ be given to my pet?

A: This product is only provided with your veterinarian’s recommendation and is intended to be given daily/long-term to achieve and maintain the health benefits. The dose administered to your pet should be based on the manufacturer’s dosing as is found on the product label or as recommended by your veterinarian.


Q: How do I administer Cardio TruBenefits Cat™ to my cat?

A: Pour Cardio TruBenefits™ powder directly onto wet or dry food. Dry kibble:  Consumption should occur within 24 hours for optimal product efficacy. Wet food:  Consumption should occur within 2 hours for optimal efficacy.


Q: Is it okay to heat up my pets’ food when Cardio TruBenefits Cat™ is added?

A: This product should not be heated, as it could risk ingredients being denatured.