flo cat™

flo cat™ is a powder recommended by your veterinarian to support urinary tract health and reduce stress

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Q: How long after giving flo cat™ should I notice an effect?
A: Cats with chronic urinary tract issues should use flo™ on a regular, long-term basis to promote optimal urinary tract health and function and prevent future problems. While many cats will see results within 5 weeks, more severe problems may require up to 3 months of regular usage to achieve desired benefits.


Q: How is this product different from over-the-counter products?
A: flo cat™ contains multiple active ingredients to better address the underlying cause of urinary tract issues in cats by combining the need for both stress relief and ingredients to improve the urinary tract response. 


Q: When should I give flo™ to my cat:
A: flo cat™ should be sprinkled on your cat’s food 1-2x per day, based on the dosing provided on the label or on your veterinarian’s recommendation.


Q: Are there any contraindications or supplements/medication that should be avoided when giving flo cat™ to my cat?
A: There are no known interactions when giving this supplement.


Q: How should flo cat™ be stored?
A: flo cat™ should be stored at room temperature.


Q: My shipment of flo cat™ arrived hot. Is that ok?
A: Yes, this is completely fine and there is no need to seek a replacement.