chews to support anal gland health


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1/2 chew(s) per day
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1 chew(s) per day
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2 chew(s) per day
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3 chew(s) per day
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4 chew(s) per day

Q: What’s the maximum amount of gland-ease™ I can give?
A: We recommend speaking with your veterinarian regarding dosing of this product. Some dogs may need a larger dose to achieve the stool bulk required to properly express the anal glands during defecation.


Q: Does gland-ease™ contain any gluten?
A: gland-ease™ is gluten-free. Some brewers yeast can be gluten-positive depending on the medium on which its grown. Our brewers yeast is grown on a vegetable base and is therefore, gluten-free.


Q: Is gland-ease™ hypoallergenic?
A: Our ingredients were carefully selected to be hypoallergenic.  Third party laboratory results confirm that our product tests negative for the presence of animal based proteins.


Q: How long should it take to see results?
A: It can take up to 72 hours of daily administration to produce a bulkier stool. Dogs with chronic anal gland issues should use gland-ease™ on a regular, long-term basis to keep their anal glands healthy and prevent future problems. Dogs with more severe anal gland problems may require anywhere from 1-6 weeks of regular usage to achieve desired benefits.


Q: Are there any concerns with using Entero TruBenefits® or Transparent Nutrition – DIGEST™ with gland-ease™ ?
A: No, these products may be used together.


Q: What is the shelf life of gland-ease™?
A: The shelf life of gland-ease™ is 2 years unopened and 6 months once opened.


Q: What happens if my cat were to eat this product?
A: A cat who accidentally eats this product could potentially experience mild diarrhea from the inactive ingredients.