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ENDO BLEND™ is a safe and effective phytocannabinoid product trusted by your veterinarian.

Long-term Use is Key: It may take up to two days for results to become apparent. ENDO BLEND™  should be given daily on a long-term basis to sustain benefits.

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Q. How long will it take before I see changes in my pet?
A. Most pet owners will see a rapid response within the first hour of administration.  However, this depends on the signalment (age, breed, sex, etc) and the reason for the recommendation of ENDO BLEND.


Q. How often should Endo Blend be given to my pet?
A. This product is only provided with your veterinarian’s recommendation. The dose administered to your pet should be based on the manufacturers dosing as is found on the product label (every 12 hrs) or as recommended by your veterinarian.


Q. How do we achieve THC-not detected
A. Most companies use a hemp product that starts with about 0.3% THC. They then dilute it a small amount with their medium chain oils and are left with a product just below the 0.3% THC legal limit. They are unable to dilute the THC levels down further because they sacrifice the benefits (because they’re also diluting those other cannabinoids).  Dilution has always been the standard.  Our Endo Blend manufacturer has a proprietary THC extraction method where they can remove THC without dilution. This enables us to achieve a not detected level of THC without sacrificing any benefits.


Q. Where is Endo Blend sourced from?
A. The source is European hemp and each input source is DNA tested to prove origin and genus and species.  The input plants are cultivated and harvested in a controlled environment. European hemp has much higher standards than US hemp.


Q. Can this product be used in cats? At what dose?
A. It can be used in cats, but the dose is lower. Please contact your veterinarian regarding the proper dose for cats.


Q. What are the potential side/adverse effects?
A. Endo Blend’s Bypass Carrier Blend™ includes long-chain triglycerides, which at our labeled dosing, pose a low risk for loose stool. In those cases, we recommend lowering the dose and slowly working your way up. In rare cases, patients may have elevations in cholestatic liver values, a reason to have baseline blood work performed prior to starting Endo Blend.


Q. Are there any contraindications with giving Endo Blend?
There are no contraindications at the recommended doses. However, if Endo Blend is used at higher than recommended doses, be careful with concurrent administration of high doses of SSRI’s, dopamine reuptake inhibitors, and glutamate release inhibitors (glutamatergic drugs, and TCA’s). Endo Blend is safe to use in MDR1+ dogs.  A benefit to using Endo Blend over many other hemp products is our quality and safety guarantee and transparency.  Every batch of Endo Blend is tested, both the raw ingredients and the finished product, for all five forms of THC, heavy metals, pathogenic bacteria, and pesticides/herbicides – all of which must be non-detectable.  This is especially important for MDR1+ positive patients and their potential for more drugs/metabolites/toxins to cross the BBB due to defective p-glycoproteins.  


Q. Is Endo Blend safe to give to a pregnant dog or cat?
A. Since safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven, it is not recommended to give Endo Blend to pregnant or lactating animals.

Q. Are there any age restrictions to taking Endo Blend?
A. As of today, there is no credible data on the use of cannabinoids in animals younger than 6 months of age. Although safety data would suggest otherwise, we do not recommend using for animals less than 6 months of age.


Q. How do I need to store Endo Blend?
A. Room temperature is ok, but refrigeration is always best.


Q. What is the shelf life of Endo Blend
The shelf life of an unopened bottle is 2 years. With refrigeration, an opened bottle will last 8 months.


Q. Is it okay to heat up my pets’ food when Endo Blend is applied?
A. No. Endo Blend should not be heated above room temperature. You can always apply the drops to a piece of bread or a treat and give it to your dog that way, if placing it on their food is not an option. 


Q. Where is Endo Blend made?
A. Endo Blend is made in Europe where the regulations are far more stringent than regulations in the United States. The manufacturing facilities in Europe and the bottler in the United States are FDA, NSH, cGMP, GMP, FDA 21 CFR, QMP/CFIA-1745, ISO, Hilal, Kosher, Eco-farming (Europe only), WHO GACP (Europe only), CA prop 65 compliant, Vegan, Gluten-free C0108257-GLTFHGPC-5, FALCPA FREE, BSE/TSE, Organic, QAI Organic C0030683-CORHPC-2 and 9, NOPHPC-9 certified.