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Supports digestive health from mouth to tail™
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The gastrointestinal tract is the largest immune organ in the body, beginning in the mouth and ending with the large bowel. Entero TruBenefits® is formulated to continuously support your pet's oral and intestinal health from mouth to tail. This product contains a phylaxobiotic™, a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms, their required nutrient source and natural gut stabilizers that offer many benefits, including:

- Supports healthy teeth and gums
- Promotes normal periodontal health
- Naturally promotes fresh breath

- Helps maintain proper gut flora
- Supports normal digestion and bowel function
- Helps maintain the protective layers of the bowel
Administer once daily by mouth. Ask your veterinarian about dosing instructions for cats.

Q. Can I mix Entero TruBenefits™ in my pet’s water?
A. Once Entero TruBenefits™ becomes wet, the ingredients become active and will not survive long outside of the body. Your pet will not receive the full benefits of this product if it is allowed to sit in water for a period of time.

Q. How should Entero TruBenefits™ be stored?
A. We recommend that you store your product in a cool, dark, location with low humidity. Entero TruBenefits™ does not need to be refrigerated, but data suggests that refrigeration may extend the life of the live organisms.

Q. What is the shelf-life of Entero TruBenefits™?
A. A sealed (unopened) container has the shelf-life of approximately 18 months. When the product is opened, it will last for approximately 8 months.

Q. Can Entero TruBenefits™ be used in cats?
A. Yes, it can. Ask your veterinarian for dosing instructions for cats.