Our team of veterinary professionals at VRS created a full line of vet recommended pet solutions to help your dogs and cats stay healthy and happy. All of our products are safe, natural and evidence-based because purity and safety is our top priority. We go the extra mile and always third-party test all of our products for impurities to ensure that your pet has a life full of good health and plenty of love.

Our vet recommended pet solutions include a wide range of beneficial supplements for many areas of support including, skin, joint and cognitive health. Our offering of supplements come in various forms, flavors and sizes to suit a variety of your pet’s needs. Each product is rigorously tested for contaminants, ensuring your pet is receiving only the best.

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Our online pet products offer your dogs and cats a longer, fuller and higher quality of life. Our products are backed by science and clinically proven to restore, transform and protect your pet from the inside out.


At VRS, we’re here for you and your pets. Our line of pet products includes supplements, nutrition, shampoos and topical cleaners, all conveniently delivered right to your doorstep. Our vet recommended pet solutions can only be purchased with a veterinarian’s recommendation, ensuring your pet is properly dosed to receive the best clinical outcome. We share a passion for animals—from the top of our organization to the bottom, and our veterinarian professionals have you and your pet’s well-being in mind always. If you think our high-quality dog foods and third party tested pet supplements are right for you and your pet, speak with your veterinarian today and ask them about VRS. For any questions about our clinically proven products, please call us at 855-876-7387 or connect with us here.