Osteo TruBenefits®

Osteo TruBenefits® with Bioactive Glycoprolex™ is your Veterinarian’s recommended nutriceutical to support your cat’s joint health, function and mobility.

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Q.Can I use Osteo TruBenefits with other supplements?
A. Osteo TruBenefits is safe to use in conjunction with other supplements. In general, it is advised that you speak to your veterinarian before beginning any supplementation.


Q. Can I use Osteo TruBenefits with your Omega Benefits products?
A. Yes. Osteo TruBenefits and Omega Benefits work within two different pathways to provide comfort for your pet.


Q. How do I need to store Osteo TruBenefits?
A. Osteo TruBenefits should be stored at room temperature.


Q. Can I break or crush the tablet?
A. Yes, you can absolutely break or crush the tablet.


Q. How long will it take before I see changes in my pet?
A. Some pet owners have seen improvement in as little as 10 days, while others may take up to 4-6 weeks.


Q. How many calories are in each Osteo TruBenefits tablet?
A. Each Osteo TruBenefits tablet has 0.6 calories.