Pet owners LOVE our products

Takes the edge off

4 Stars

Product seems to help take the edge off when taking endo blend and tranquillium. Good home delivery! Makes my life easier, I like getting a bulk discount

Robert, AZ

Walking better!

5 Stars

She is walking better and does not seem to be in any discomfort. Home delivery program is great! Easy to order and the delivery is always on time.

Staci, NY

Sleeps at night and eating again

5 Stars

Not circling as much, most importantly, she sleeps at night and is eating again.

Sandra, VA

Helped with pain

4 Stars

It seems to have helped with pain.

Maureen, IN

Calmer and goes to bed at night

5 Stars

She is doing much better. She is calmer and will go to bed at night.

Michelle, UT

Improved energy

5 Stars

Improved energy level. Home delivery program is great!

Beth, AZ

100 times better!

5 Stars

100 times better- He is able to work through behavior issues without the anxiety. He less aggressive towards the other dogs and much calmer and able to relax.

Kim, PA

ALT decreased in 3 months!

5 Stars

Doing extremely well. His ALT decreased from 424 to 56 in 3months.

Elaine, NV

Still run a few times for the ball

4 Stars

Seems to be good. He is a 13 year old lab and although he is slowing down, he will still run a few times for the ball.

Kimberly, UT

Better than he has been in years

5 Stars

Better than he has been in years, he has minimal shaking now, he also has appetite and energy back. His eye color has slightly returned too. He is almost 15 and feels much better.

Susan, AZ

Immediate results with Endo Blend

5 Stars

Rocky had immediate results with Endo Blend and we feel it is helping him get his step back!

Annette, OR

Saw a big difference

5 Stars

My dog seems to have less pain when taking Endo Blend. I ran out for two days and saw a big difference in her stiffness and eagerness to play. My veterinarian had her on another brand but thought this product was higher quality.

Kristin, FL

No longer limps!

5 Stars

Since starting Endo Blend, our dog no longer limps and seems to have more energy.

Karen, NC

Sleeps much better

5 Stars

Our dog sleeps much better. Before, he would roam the house all night, and that worried us. All good now! We love home delivery and the VRS technicians are super helpful.

Joanna, WA

Playing with her ball just like a puppy!

5 Stars

Our 12 year-old Lab developed severe arthritis in her feet and was having a very hard time getting around and enjoying life. After a short time on the Osteo Trubenefits, she is running around in the yard again and playing with her ball just like a puppy!

Karen & David, MI

Willow has been doing tremendously well on the Tranquillium

5 Stars

Willow has been doing tremendously well on the Tranquillium. We have been having a lot of bad weather recently and the supplement has really decreased her shaking and reactions. I wish this was available years ago!

Lynn, KS

Supplement has been a God-send

5 Stars

Jasmine's coat is so soft and beautiful and filled in since being on the Canine Omega Benefits. She has chronic allergies and the supplement has been a God-send.

Kim, IA

It helps keep Fiona calm during thunderstorms

5 Stars

I really like the Tranquillium. It helps keep Fiona calm during thunderstorms without making her sleepy, and has been working really well for her.

Michelle, KS

Seizure free!

5 Stars

Tequila was on another medicine that was contributing to her seizures. She started giving the Hepato TruBenefits and she has been seizure free ever since!

Cindy, NY

Loves 'em with a tiny dab of peanut butter on the end

5 Stars

Omega Benefits (Softgels) - She loves 'em, with a tiny dab of peanut butter on the end. The home delivery program is very good and the veterinary technicians are very informative and good.

Isabel, CT

Decrease in coat shedding

5 Stars

Decrease in coat shedding. Great experience with the veterinary technicians.

Dolores, NJ

Bloodwork improved

5 Stars

Per blood work, results were improved

Flora, VA

Thinks she’s getting a treat!

4 Stars

My pet certainly likes taking them and thinks she’s getting a treat. Very convenient home delivery program. Veterinary technicians were great!

Stephanie, IL

Extremely convenient home delivery program and great customer service.

5 Stars

Great, healthy skin and no symptoms. Extremely convenient home delivery program and great customer service.

Kelley & Leonel, IL

The VRS Home Delivery Program is excellent

4 Stars

Before she started taking Osteo TruBenefits, my dog would not jump at all and needed assistance in cars and stairs. Now she uses her rear legs and will jump up small heights. The VRS Home Delivery Program is awesome. My orders are always on time and the Veterinary Technicians are very helpful!

Warren, WY

Gland-Ease has eliminated the need to visit the vet for gland expression

5 Stars

My 9 year old Carolina Dog, and my 1 year old German Shepherd have issues with their glands. Gland-Ease has eliminated the need to visit the vet for gland expression, and both doggie girls are so much happier and more comfortable!!

Jamie, IN

I'm a real believer in your Omega Benefits!

5 Stars

I'm a customer of VRS and we love your Canine Omega Benefits so much, we have all 4 of our dogs on it. It's a wonderful product. I have raved about it so much to other families who have Sheltie's and German Shepherds! Thank you so much for such a wonderful product. I'm a real believer in your Omega Benefits!

Mary Elizabeth, VA

Lilah was terrified of our vacuum cleaner...

5 Stars

Lilah was terrified of our vacuum cleaner, and whenever she heard it she would destroy the bedding in her crate. We decided to try Tranquilium and she is now perfectly calm in her crate when the vacuum comes out!

Catherine, OR

Her energy levels have skyrocketed!

5 Stars

My dog is 10 years old - her energy levels have skyrocketed since she has started taking Entero TruBenefits. She can keep up with her 1-year old puppy sister now - she is full of vigor, and her whole life and demeanor has changed!

Jami, IN

Coat looks great and the inflammation in his skin is under control

5 Stars

I have an Old English Bulldog with severe food allergies, in particular, chicken. He is currently on a kangaroo based diet that is working very well for him. Your hypoallergenic Omega oil has helped him immensely. His coat looks great and the inflammation in his skin is under control. Thank you for taking the time to make a hypoallergenic formula for dogs like Zero.

Jonathan, PA

Pleased with the improvement

4 Stars

My pup had acid reflux and high tracheal acid and also some joint issues. I've been pleased with the improvement with your product! Home delivery has been very prompt and handy! I love it!  

Kari, MT

Energy levels have increased

5 Stars

Energy levels have increased. Home delivery is great. We just got a reminder saying our next bag is coming soon.

James & Erica, MI

Stomach issues cleared up quickly

4 Stars

I purchased the Digest food after a TERRIBLE round of stomach distress with two of my three dogs (including a 4-month old puppy). In combination with meds, the stomach issues cleared up quickly and all of my dogs love this dry food! We also like the large size of the kibble as it works well for training treats! Home delivery program is convenient - when I ordered the three bags, shipping was reasonably quick.

Sara, IN

 Enjoys the taste and empties bowl promptly

5 Stars

Enjoys the taste and empties bowl promptly. Veterinary technicians are very pleasant and knowledgeable.

Jose, FL

Doesn’t bother his severe allergies

4 Stars

He likes it doesn’t bother his allergies - which are severe. Excellent home delivery program and amazing veterinary technicians.

Lauren, NY

Back to playing like she did 6 years ago!

3 Stars

As an 11 year old Akita, she's back to play bowing and hopping around to play like she did 6 years ago!

Michelle, VA

Keeping our dog healthy and strong after his surgery

3 Stars

We believe Omega Benefits is keeping our dog healthy and strong after his surgery. VRS Home Delivery Program is very easy and always on time, and the veterinary technician I spoke to was very professional and helpful.

Gail, IL

No more dry skin!

5 Stars

No more dry skin! Very happy with the veterinary technicians and home delivery program

Lanie, MI

Easy delivery and convenient monthly shipment.

5 Stars

My pet loves the beef flavored Omega Benefits and has it in every meal. Easy delivery and convenient monthly shipment that is very customizable and the veterinary technicians are always willing to help with any problems I have.

Kevin, NY

More consistent stool and less belly aches

5 Stars

More consistent stool and less belly aches. VRS Home Delivery is very convenient!

Jen, MI

I can’t believe the difference this has made in our dog!

5 Stars

I can’t believe the difference this has made in our dog! She is so playful now, more than I have seen her in years! She barely needs any pain medication anymore, even though she is active and running around every day.

Nicky, NY

My dog loves PROTECT!

5 Stars

My dog loves the PROTECT food and has gained weight (which was a goal). No problems, excellent customer assistance.

Heidi, WA

Continued strength in my pet's joints

5 Stars

Continued strength in my pet's joints - lost right leg to amputation. Our other dog has excellent joint strength - no issues. Excellent customer service! They answered all my questions and are pleasant to deal with.

Karen & Linda, WI

More energy and improved appetite!

5 Stars

My pet seems to have more energy & her appetite has improved on Hepato TruBenefits

Vickie, GA

My dog loves her omega benefits!

5 Stars

My dog loves her Omega Benefits! She waits every day for me to add it to her food and then the licks her bowl clean long after her food is gone. It has made her hair/coat softer and shinier and she moves much better now. She loves her Omega Benefits and so do I! The VRS Home Delivery Program? It is awesome! I never forget to pick up a refill. The tech I spoke with was very friendly and helpful.

Jennie, MI

Very pleasant and informative!

5 Stars

So far Benny has been enjoying the Canine Omega Benefits. At first I was unsure about having the manufacturer follow up with me. However, the call from the VRS Health Coach was very pleasant and informative! Thank you!

Wendy, MO

tranquillium has made such a big difference for my pet.

5 Stars

The tranquillium has made such a big difference for my pet. Hera is 11 years old and recently started with some anxiety aggression, and getting worked up which is completely out of character for her. Medically, the doctor could find nothing wrong, so he recommended the tranquillium to see if it helps. She is calmer, less reactive, and much easier to calm down if she gets worked up!!

Christina, FL

Very pleased.

5 Stars

I have spent thousands of dollars trying to solve Luna's anal gland issues. I am very pleased with the results I am seeing with the Gland-Ease chews. If something as simple as a chew can help her, I'm all for it!

Deborah, GA

Will keep her on the product long-term.

5 Stars

Mandy has been doing so well on the Entero TruBenefits. She is acting like a puppy again! We are very pleased with the results and are planning to keep her on the supplement long term.

Cheri, MI

I feel so much better.

5 Stars

My dog has separation anxiety and can be destructive around the house when left alone. My vet recommended Tranquillium and it has really helped! I know he is feeling much calmer during the day and I feel so much better about leaving him alone.

Christopher, NJ

Feeling Great!

5 Stars

My dachshund has needed monthly gland expression for a long time, and I know it has been uncomfortable for her. After a few weeks on the Gland-Ease, everything is back to normal and she is feeling great!

Robert, FL

Doing so well

5 Stars

Boo is doing so well on the Canine Omega Benefits and the Osteo TruBenefits. His hair is growing back, he has little fuzzies on his tail again. His skin is looking much better. I have been impressed with VRS and the knowledge that they have. My vet is very keen on only using the best products, so I knew that the company would be good to go with.

Sher, MI

Really helping

5 Stars

Mia is doing wonderfully on the Gland-ease Chews. She has not had any anal gland leakage since starting the supplement. It is really helping her.

Judi, NJ

It's perfect

5 Stars

Kayla is doing great on the Tranquilium chews! In the past she has been very anxious and reactive to loud storms and other triggers. When I give her a Tranquilium, she is so relaxed and calm, but not sleepy or dull. It's perfect!

Jennifer, NY

Already see a difference

5 Stars

Dre has only been on it gland-ease for a few days and I already see a difference!

Ronald, NY

Doing great

4.5 Stars

When she came to me she was a big ball of nerves, the supplements helped a lot, I've checked in with the forever family and she is doing great

Deborah, OR
5 Stars

Gland-Ease is the only product that has helped Penny's anal glands. She has been doing so well on the supplement and it is helping her to avoid surgery.

Beth, PA

Don't have to go out of my way

5 Stars

Very convenient. I don't have to go out of my way to the store to get her supplements.

Keely, WA

Super friendly

5 Stars

Your vet techs are super friendly and amazing at their job. They answered all my questions I had.

Erika, MO

Always wonderful

5 Stars

Customer service is always wonderful. I've called a couple times to delay or move up orders, and everyone is always great.

Katie, NJ

Couldn't be any easier

5 Stars

Couldn't be any easier. I don't have to remember to order and we won't run out.

Laurie, OR

Very convenient

5 Stars

The home delivery is very convenient. Auto ship helps so I don’t have to think about ordering it!

Donna, PA


5 Stars

Home delivery was very easy to set up.

Ashley, TX

Delivered to my house!

4 Stars

Home delivery is very convenient! I like having it delivered to my house!

Meghan, NC


5 Stars

The veterinary technicians are amazing, very friendly and helpful. They have your pets best interest in mind.

Nicole, MI

Helpful and knowledgable

4 Stars

The vet techs were most helpful and knowledgeable of the product my vet recommended.

Veronica, PA

Their suggestion helped tremendously

5 Stars

I spoke with the technician about how to introduce our cat to his new food. Their suggestion of moistening the food helped tremendously. He loves it now and we now have a wholesome dry food that is a kidney healthy diet.

Lori, TX

Very convenient

5 Stars

Very convenient - I never have to worry about reordering.

Meghan, NY

Very helpful!

4.5 Stars

They veterinary technicians were readily available and always followed through. Very helpful.

Rhoda, NY

She took the time to listen

5 Stars

I spoke with Alexandria and she was absolutely wonderful. She took the time to listen to my concerns regarding Salvatore’s health

Nicole, PA

More Relaxed on Walks!

5 Stars

Tranquillium has helped my dog be more relaxed on walks. He is not as tense and alert, or ready to attack people or other dogs. Has been really good to help ease him and keep a clear happy state of mind.

Mariel, NY

Helped her recover from two knee surgeries

5 Stars

She loves the taste and it helped her recover from two knee surgeries.

Mary from Michigan

Improvement in mobility and decrease in pain is remarkable

5 Stars

The improvement in my dog's mobility and decrease in pain has been remarkable.

Sean from Washington

Nail health is improving

5 Stars

Maddie's nail health is improving and she seems to feel well and energetic!

Alison from Georgia

Decreased her flatulence and normalized bowel movements.

5 Stars

Excellent, has decreased her flatulence and normalized bowel movements.

Alexis from New Jersey


5 Stars

He is thriving! Healthy coat bright eyes and tons of energy.

Holly from New York

Has all the speed and dexterity he had prior to diagnosis of arthritis


Great. He is no longer limping and he has all the speed and dexterity he had prior to diagnosis of arthritis

Love her shiny coat!

5 Stars

She is able to walk better and she is not in so much pain. She also likes the taste and her skin is not dry. Love her shiny coat!

Laura from Pennsylvania

Pain appears shorter in frequency and duration

5 Stars

Jackson’s pain, which causes him to limp, appears shorter in frequency and duration each time it occurs.

Monica from New Jersey

Definitely noticed a difference in his overall health and well being.

5 Stars

Definitely noticed a difference in his overall health and well being. I get a lot of compliments on his shiny coat and people always ask me what am I doing and thinks he’s a lot younger in age.

Diana from New Jersey

Coat is a lot glossier and less dandruff

5 Stars

My dog has had chronic infections between his toes that I have been fighting since I got him 4 years ago. I started him on the Omega benefits and I am finally able to keep the infection controlled with minimal home treatments. His coat is also a lot glossier and he doesn't have as much dandruff.

Sara from Washington

He LOVES it!!!

5 Stars

He LOVES it!!! Dances on his back legs nearly the entire way to his placemat after he’s seen me add Omega to his food!

Meg from Indiana

Our dogs love this stuff!

5 Stars

Our dogs love this stuff! My dog had ACL surgery and seems to be way more comfortable after using!

Jordyn from Pennsylvania

Rarely have to give pain medication for arthritis

5 Stars

She's old (almost 16) and I believe this helps her joints and mobility. We rarely have to give her pain medication for arthritis.

Courtney from Texas

Back to her old self running and playing

5 Stars

My dog has arthritis in her back knee. She used to limp and not be able to run. She limps very rarely now and is back to her old self running and playing.

Alaina from New Jersey

She licks her bowl clean.

5 Stars

Duckie loves it. I pump it over her kibble in the morning and she licks her bowl clean. I've noticed that her coat is much smoother and softer.

Duckie's owner, Megan from New York

Her coat is so silky smooth and shiny!

5 Stars

She used to have a skin rash on her stomach that has been gone since she's been taking this. Plus her coat is so silky smooth and shiny!

Keely from Washington

Less itching

5 Stars

New hair and skin growth in areas that had been damaged from itching for years. Smooth coat with no more flaking. Less itching.

Laura from New Jersey


5 Stars

Excellent! He loves the taste and I have seen an improvement in his ability to perform daily activities.

Kristine from Oregon

Acts like a young puppy

5 Stars

He loves to eat it with his food. He acts like a young puppy, and hopefully this supplement will keep him healthy and youthful!

Mary from Michigan

More active

5 Stars

She has been more active, running and playing in the back yard and loves to chase her little brother.

Heather from Washington

She has started taking longer walks around our 7 acre property than she has in quite some time.

5 Stars

We are using this in conjunction with Omega Benefits as a way to get away from having to give Rimadyl to our elderly, arthritic lab. Since switching over, she has started taking longer walks around our 7 acre property than she has in quite some time - just meandering around. We're happy with the results and feel better knowing that we aren't exchanging her liver health for the sake of her mobility.

Justine from South Carolina

Not limping on hind leg as much

5 Stars

I feel like Lola is doing great on the Osteo Tru. She has not been limping on her hind leg as much.

Lola's owner, Jennifer from Illinois

Significantly helped with my dog’s health

5 Stars

This product has significantly helped with my dog’s health (combined w/ Cytopoint injections and weekly bathing). Before, my dog was experiencing staph infections on an almost monthly basis. He has not developed one since we have started this routine.

Dana from Pennsylvania

Comforted that we are helping take care of my dog's joints

4 Stars

My dog Billy has no issues taking his omega benefit capsules. They really seem to help keep his nails growing strong & normally. Plus, since he is an older dog, I feel comforted that we are helping take care of his joints.

Billy's owner, Erin from Pennsylvania

Successful in keeping my dog's stomach from getting upset

5 Stars

It has been successful in keeping my dog's stomach from getting upset by the medicines and supplements that he takes for Symmetric Lupoid Onychodystrophy.

Theresa from Minnesota

Overall health and energy has been consistently great!

5 Stars

Excellent, everyday my puppy loves having his probiotic in his food. His overall health and energy has been consistently great!

Kristina from Michigan

Breath has never been better

5 Stars

Her bowel function is more regular and consistent, plus her breath has never been better!

Keely from Washington

Great product results

5 Stars

My cat suffers from poor immune system and gets rodent ulcers in his mouth from time to time. My vet recommended this product and thus far he has been clear of any issues. Great product results!

Julie from California

Coat and skin have improved

5 Stars

Lucky's coat and skin have improved greatly. His coat is shiny and full, and the bare spot on his tail is now regrowing hair again! He also moves more freely with less joint pain. I highly recommend Omega Benefits for every dog!

Lucky's owner, Sharon from Pennsylvania

Healthier hair and clearer eyes

5 Stars

Increased activity, healthier hair and clearer eyes. I have shared pictures of this product with friends as they may also want to try the product and referred them to their Vet.


Limp in front leg is gone!

5 Stars

More energetic and reoccurring limp in front leg is gone!


More active at 14+ years old

5 Stars

He's lost weight, more active and at 14+ years old - GREAT!


No itching or dragging since the switch!

5 Stars

My dog has always dragged her bum and had skin allergy problems until this food. She is on the protect version and is 100% healthy and no itching or dragging since the switch!


It has been a miracle.

5 Stars

It has been a miracle - it "cured" my dog's diarrhea practically overnight.


Improved appetite

4 Stars

A lot more activity and his appetite is much better.


Normal liver value just six weeks after starting Hepato

5 Stars

My dog went from a scary 200 liver value to a normal 88 liver value just 6 weeks after starting Hepato.


Increased energy and alertness

5 Stars

We saw increased energy and alertness, more ease of mobility.


Greatly impacted liver values in a positive direction

5 Stars

Since my dog has been taking this medicine, it has greatly impacted her liver values in a positive direction.


Nails are improving.

5 Stars

Maddie seems to feel much healthier and her nails are improving!

Maddie's owner, Alison

Loves to eat it

3 Stars

She likes to eat it, don't even have to hide it in food to get her to eat it.


Helped with back legs and hips

5 Stars

It was a beneficial replacement for the Adequan shots our dog was receiving. She retreated more and more from the shots and it became a challenge to give them to her. This was recommended as a replacement product and it has adequately helped with her back legs and hip area, not to mention she does not fight taking the pills.


Arthritis pain has greatly decreased

5 Stars

His arthritis pain has greatly decreased.


Haven't seen my dog this active in over 2 years

5 Stars

Sassy has been more active and will often break into a run. This something we haven’t seen in over 2 years.


My dog loves the taste

4 Stars

My dog seems to be able room move better: up from laying position and up stairs. And my dog loves the taste. I give them to him like treats!

Tari from California

Runs circles around her brother and sister

5 Stars

Gracie's wakes up every morning ready to start her day playing, running around w/ her toys & she doesn't stop. She runs circles around her younger brother & sister.

Gracie's owner, Kathy

Problem free for a 17-year-old dog

5 Stars

We have no problems giving this to her every night. She has remained problem free since we started giving it to her. Every day like that is great for a 17 year old dog!


Liver count back in normal range after just one month

5 Stars

His liver count was elevated, and within a month of stating Hepato, it was within normal range. He is 15, so it is wonderful to find a product that works so well to keep him healthy


Eliminated all digestive issues

5 Stars

This food has eliminated every single one of my pup’s digestive issues! He no longer has loose stools and has zero gas.


Can jump on the bed again

5 Stars

Within 2 weeks my Shepard mix could jump up on the bed again without help.


No more vomiting episodes

5 Stars

My 13 year old dog used to have random episodes of vomiting & diarrhea, but she has not had any episodes since taking this product.


Marked decrease in the level of itching

5 Stars

My dog is a six year old, badly bred miniature American shepherd. She suffers from allergy-related symptoms that aren’t quite bad enough to warrant a food trial but still has enough to bother her! My vet and I elected to try Omega Benefits, and there has been a marked decrease in the level of itching she experiences as evident in her fading saliva stains on her paws. With her getting up in age I’m also thrilled to have her on a preventative nutraceutical to keep her joints in shape.


Shinier, softer coat with less shedding!

5 Stars

Bumble has become more agile and attempting to jump up on furniture, has started going up and down the stairs again and no longer asks to be carried. Lucky, given he is in the house, started on Omega as well. We immediately started to see his coat was softer, shinier, and less shedding. Been good for both my boys and will continue with the product.

Bumble's owner, Jennifer

Great for hip joints

5 Stars

One of my bulldogs is 6 and still LOVES to play. she would limp after sleeping all night or resting after a play session as if her arthritis was getting the best of her. She may still be a little stiff sometimes, but I have not seen her limp since we started our Omega Benefits! It’s been great for her hip joints.


Visible difference in quality of life

5 Stars

Pepper's skin is in MUCH better shape after using Omega Benefits - she's allergic to everything (food/environmental) and having this supplement has made a visible difference in her quality of life.

Pepper's owner, Kate

Steady improvement in senior dog

4 Stars

I have noticed a steady improvement in walking for my senior dog. The Omega Benefits along with her acupuncture and joint compound has made a significant improvement in my dog's senior years.


Not as itchy or uncomfortable

5 Stars

Atticus is doing really well with his Entero. He is not as itchy and uncomfortable. His ear is even starting to come up!! Yay!!

Tina from Oregon

Like a topping for kibble!

4 Stars

Benji has taken to it very well. It’s almost like a topping for his kibble.

Benji's owner, Christine from New Jersey

Bad breath has improved

4 Stars

Breath was really bad prior to use. Seems to be much better since using Entero Benefits.

Helayne from Michigan

No More Digestive Issues!

5 Stars

This food has eliminated every single one of my pup’s digestive issues! He no longer has loose stools and has zero gas.


Stool is Healthy For the First Time in Years!

5 Stars

My dog has had issues with food since he had pancreatitis. His stool was always soft, but since putting him on Transparent Nutrition his stool is healthy for the first time in years. And he likes it!


Saved My Dog's Life

5 Stars

Sheena our Scottie Collie has transformed into the dog she was supposed to be on this food. She acts like a puppy, her energy is something we have not seen because although she was on a night end dog food it just didn’t agree with her stomach for years, which we really didn’t know until she built up a resistance to it. Her food has been an absolute life saver. Her coat is significantly healthier and so is her entire being. Thank you for making this food, you saved her life.

Sheena's owners Charles and Lisa

Liver Values Back in Range

5 Stars

It’s easy to administer. She has been taking this for 2 months now and her liver values are back in the normal range


More Active!

5 Stars

She is a lot more active and seems more of her old self. Running more and just being more active in general. I didn't realize how slow she was getting until she started using this product. I'm glad Dr. Houston had me try this with her.


Amazing Product!

5 Stars

Our experience with this product has been amazing. Nike has a liver shunt and she hit a point where she was getting sick and only wanting to sleep, Hepato gave us back the playful pup we love.

Nike's owner, Katie

Preserved My Dog's Vision

4 Stars

My dog is diabetic, and Dr. Cooke recommended Cutaneo in my effort to preserve his vision. The vet opthamologist says so far so good - diabetes has not affected his eyes.


Very Impressed!

5 Stars

She also takes Omega Benefits. Pips skin is no longer flaky. I’m very impressed. She’s much less itchy too. I’m happy.

Pip's owner, Amanda

Saved My Dog From Getting Double Knee Surgery

4 Stars

It has saved my dog from getting a double knee surgery. She has a spring in her step and seems 10 years younger.


Doubled In Weight After Only A Month!

5 Stars

El Brian was on the verge of starving to death due to not being able to hold down any food. Once mixed with Entero TruBenefits, he was able to start digesting his food, doubling in weight after only a month.

El Brian's owner, Jason from Illinois

Cleaner Teeth and Healthier Gums!

5 Stars

Cleaner teeth and healthier gums for all of my dogs. 7 in all. I most definitely recommend this product !