Veterinarian recommended for cats

Vectra® Cats (over 9 pounds)

We work on behalf of your veterinary hospital to provide VECTRA® refills. Our veterinary technicians are always available to answer any questions regarding this product (855-876-7387).

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Can Vectra® for cats and kittens be used on pets other than cats?
No. Do not use Vectra® on dogs, or any other animal. For dogs, we recommend Vectra 3D® or Vectra® for Dogs and Puppies

Do fleas need to bite in order for the product to work?
No. Vectra® for Cats and Kittens kills fleas through contact with your pet’s fur. No biting necessary

How quickly does Vectra® begin to work?
Clinical studies have shown that fleas are killed in 6 hours on cats and kittens treated with the active ingredients in Vectra® for Cats and Kittens.

Is it okay to apply Vectra® more than once a month?
No, only apply Vectra® once in a 30-day period. It is not necessary for more frequent applications – Vectra® for Cats and Kittens provides powerful protection against fleas for a full month

What age does my cat need to be before I can apply Vectra®?
Vectra® for Cats and Kittens can be used on kittens as young as 8 weeks of age.

Why am I still seeing fleas on my cat after applying Vectra®?
While Vectra® does kill on contact, it is possible that you could still see fleas on your cat for a period. Usually these are new fleas existing in the environment, or fleas that have been exposed to Vectra® and have yet to perish.