Veterinarian recommended for dogs and puppies

Vectra® 3D XL (over 95lbs)

We work on behalf of your veterinary hospital to provide VECTRA® 3D refills. Our veterinary technicians are always available to answer any questions regarding this product (855-876-7387.)

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Do parasites need to bite for Vectra® 3D to work?
No. Vectra 3D kills parasites through contact with your pet’s fur. No biting necessary. The active ingredients of Vectra 3D are proven to protect your dog from the six major vectors: Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes, Flies, Mites* and Lice. (*Excluding mange mites.)

Is it okay for my pet to bathe or swim before or after applying Vectra® 3D?
Vectra 3D remains effective for a full month if your pet is immersed in water through swimming or regular bathing. Make sure your dog is completely dry before applying the product, and let it dry completely after application before bathing. Do not use a detergent or dish soap, as this will remove Vectra3D and result in loss of protection. If using therapeutic shampoos, this may affect duration of action of Vectra 3D.

Is it okay to apply Vectra® 3D more than once a month?
No, only apply Vectra 3D once in a 30-day period. It is not necessary for more frequent applications – Vectra 3D provides powerful protection for a full month!

What age does my dog need to be before i can apply Vectra® 3D?
Vectra 3D can be used on puppies as young as 8 weeks of age

Why am i still seeing fleas on my dog after applying Vectra® 3D?
The repellency of Vectra 3D causes fleas and ticks to rise to the surface of your dog’s fur coat where they are visible. A happy, healthy flea or tick would much prefer to remain invisible below the fur. Parasites seen on your dog after application are no longer a threat to the animal and are about to perish.

Why does my dog’s coat appear oily or wet after application?
Vectra 3D contains agents to stabilize the product and help it spread across dog’s skin and continue to kill parasites for 30 days. In some cases, the product may wick up the hair. When this occurs, a sheen may be noted on the dog’s fur after the product has dried. The effective components of Vectra 3D have already moved to other parts of the dog’s body to do their job. A simple brushing of the coat will make this disappear.

My dog appears to be itching after applying Vectra® 3D. Is this a normal reaction?
Yes, this can happen. Vectra® 3D has been designed to spread rapidly over your dog’s skin to provide fast protection to all areas of your dog. This, in addition to the unique formulation of Vectra® 3D, can result in a transient itching sensation experienced by some dogs as the product moves across the skin. Follow the application method shown above to enhance product movement and reduce sensation. If your dog does experience itching, try a simple distraction such as playing ball or going for a walk until the Vectra® 3D is dry. For the small percentage of dogs that do experience itching, most only experience it the first time Vectra® 3D is applied, so Vectra® 3D can be applied again with confidence in the future

What do I do if my dog has redness, dermatitis or has hair loss/discoloration after applying Vectra® 3D?
If used appropriately, the likelihood of a reaction in any treated dog is extremely rare. If an unexpected sign does occur within 24-48 hours of treatment, it is recommended to bathe the dog with a liquid dish detergent (Dawn® or Palmolive®).